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Meet people in Glasgow

Meet People in Glasgow | Spice Scotland makes meeting people fun

At Spice Scotland our mission is simple: we lay on fun and interactive activities on a daily basis so that you can meet people and make new friends.  If you are in Glasgow and want to meet people with the same interests as you, then Spice Scotland can help. 

Glasgow meeting people made easy

Now that meeting people in Glasgow is so easy and so much fun, there is no excuse for staying in!  We know it can be difficult meeting people – perhaps you’ve had to move into a new area or a lot of your friends have moved away or settled down – but that doesn’t mean meeting new people should be a difficult and daunting prospect. 

We have put together an exciting range of social groups and activities so that you can meet people in Glasgow who share common interests and hobbies.  Our members have told us that this approach makes meeting people a lot easier as the activities we run offer the perfect ice-breaker.


Meeting people made easy!

All of the social events and activities we organise are designed to be as interactive as possible so that our members can meet people with ease.  We offer a wide range of events to ensure there is always something going on to interest you.  For the more adventurous souls we have our legendary Adventure Activities Weekends, which involve:

  • Rock-climbing; Abseiling, Rambling

  • Camping, 'Glamping', Barn Weekends

  • Stream-scrambling, Gorge Walking,

  • Biking, Rafting, Surfing etc

  We also run individual events like:

  • Caving for the Terrified;

  • Sea Kayaking with the Seals;

  • Husky Hike, and many more.

If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key (and sensible!), we also organise social gatherings like pub quiz nights and movie and meal nights – as well as our popular rambling tours around the beautiful Scottish countryside.  Other social groups we run to help you meet people in Glasgow include:

  • a huge selection of midweek social events, quiz nights, meals, sports etc

  • loads of weekends away

  • Comedy nights, Poker nights, evening walks, pub meets

  • Bowling nights, Mix and Mingle evening, Murder mystery nights, etc

Visit our Events page for a full list of all the activities we offer – with so much going on meeting people in Glasgow just got a whole lot easier!

To learn more about how we can help you meet people in Scotland, you can request our Information Pack

To start meeting people and making friends now join Spice Scotland.